Lost Frontiers


The Beginning

No one could remember a time without war between the two mighty nations.

And then, in a blinding flash, it was over. By one hundred hundred acts of heroism the Champions of Tamor slew Thess’s demon god. And in that slaying Thess crumbled, scattered to the winds. Victory carried a heavy toll though, as those hundred hundreds acts cost almost as many lives. Champions lives.

But now is not a time to mourn. Now is a time to rebuild. To reforge. To allow the refugee throngs to spill forth to the edges of the known realm where once Thess’s depraved minions held sway.

Victory carried a heavy toll, and now is a time for new Champions.

The Present
As you descend into the valley on the ancient highway it is immediately evident why the scouts chose this site some months ago.

The city to which it leads is both large and defensible. It’s architecture is recognizably of this southern region, though the culture which built it is lost to time. The once ornate walls are eroded and even toppled in places but still largely sturdy. A patchwork of new masonry has already been laid to address the worst areas.

Dominating the vista though are the massive stone sentinels flanking the northern and southern gates to the citadel. The southern one is largely intact if not weather and age worn. While the northern one ends at the waist, its upper portion lying embedded in pieces in the plain below.

Underneath the towering stone sentinels new farms dot the landscape, their refugee owners breaking ground for new crops. From your travel to this warm southern realm over the last few weeks it is obvious that the land is very fertile. Good for both agriculture and livestock. And though the humidity leaves something to be desired, it’s a tolerable nuisance.

Some thirty eight thousand refugees make their home in and around this city now. Thirty eight thousand souls fleeing the overcrowded walls of cities most thought they’d perish within. This new land is dangerous at best, but at least here they have a chance of prospering.

A group of stern eyed outriders approach, curious what business your small group has approaching to the city. You carry a writ with the seal of the High Seneschal. It identifies you as the Champions of Nekaar, the city which lies before you.

“Ho travellers, identify yourselves…”

The Setup
I want to run a sandbox game. This is something I’ve had in the works for a LONG time now. I don’t have a story to tell here, I have a setup for adventure. And you guys will decide where to go. That’s not to say there’s not structure, but I’d rather present you with options and let you have what adventure you choose.

The war mentioned is the barest amount of setup for this region. It is not the focus, a war happened, an enemy was defeated, and now the untended lands of that enemy are being given to the refugees of said war. But with that opportunity comes risks. All manner of danger can lurk in such untended wilds, and untended wilds are well known to rebuke attempts to tame them.

Your characters are lesser Champions. Champions are well known but rare in this world. Few have the skills to be a true Champion and thus few can stand toe to toe with one. By themselves at least.

Basic Info

  • You are patriots of Tamor, and some of the last remaining Champions of that nation. As Champions you have been tasked as the guardians of this frontier city of Nekaar. This means protecting it, helping it thrive. In general doing hero shit.
  • You carry with you a sealed writ identifying you as such and the Viceroy of this city is expecting you.
  • You also have a rough map of the area conferred by the royal library, but it is not detailed and in bad repair. It is however the only known record of the geography of this region. Doubtless the city has managed to map the local area better. The map will be a fun discovery mechanic I’ll go into more soon.
  • This area is jungle and plains, with mountains to the southwest and northeast. The citadel of Nekaar is a large abandoned ruin complex surrounded by a mostly intact wall. You know new farms and mines as well as additional ruins are nearby. Think large Incan ruin on an expansive plain in the midst of jungle. I’ll have more area specifics for you soon.


I am leaving a comment for the players.

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